Up For Air

Georgia • ericka jones-craven


About the project

Up for Air is a testimony. It invites spiritual and non-spiritual people alike to breathe in the narrative of how queer Black bodies move within religious spaces. In Black churches, queerness is casually present, but rarely addressed. The project creates a space for conversations for and by queer people of color in traditional places of worship. Through sound, color and light, Ericka will create a visceral experience that offers a crisp perspective on the dynamics within the Black church. “Queer” in this illustration is not limited to gender or sexuality, but rather spans beyond to include individuality, eccentricity, and silent conversations with God. This project will gather experiences from members of this community and be depicted in film and images.

Brother, Brother.jpg


About the Artist

Ericka Jones-Craven is an Atlanta based photographer and content creator whose work surfaces themes of identity, Black culture, and religion. A conceptual artist, she uses photography, video, and film to create visuals that blur the line between art photography and photojournalism. Ericka is currently pursuing her Master’s in Art & Public Policy at New York University. Her work was most recently shown at Syracuse University, Atlanta Photography Group Gallery, and Gallery Fotografic in the Czech Republic.