Our Family

minnesota • muna malik


About the project

Our Family is a photo-based project that sets out to develop portraits of Somali families who have been separated due to the Muslim Ban. These portraits will consist of families in the United States and the family members in Somalia who have been left behind. The separate family portraits will be paired during an exhibition, held in Minneapolis, MN, to provide connections between loved ones across distance. The goal is to create awareness around the issues of family separation in the Somali community and provide a mechanism for healing for those impacted while also providing the community a safe space to express feelings around family separation and anti-immigrant sentiment.



About the Artist

Muna Malik is an immersive artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her multimedia artwork explores identity formation and works to create cultural awareness, connection, and understanding. Her current work focuses on capturing poetic imagery and narratives of women of color and refugees. Muna’s work has been exhibited at Northern Spark Arts Festival, MCAD, ART WORKS Projects Chicago, The University of Minnesota, Band of Vices Gallery LA, Annenberg Space for Photography LA, and the International Center for Photography.