Diary of a Survivor

Maryland • rosem morton


About the project

Rosem’s Diary of a Survivor is a growing visual collection depicting life as a survivor of sexual trauma. For We, Women, Rosem will collaborate with survivors as they express their own narratives and will photograph these narratives alongside representative imagery. This series of diptychs will be presented in key areas and with impacted members of the community to engage dialogue on prevention, treatment, and support.



About the Artist

Rosem Morton is a Filipina photographer and nurse based in Baltimore, Maryland. Her visual storytelling focuses on gender, family, culture, and health. As a National Geographic Explorer, she is examining indigenous rights and their relation to cultural preservation in the Philippines. As an advocate for trauma survivors, she recently published a personal project for CNN, in which she examines life after rape. Rosem plans to further explore themes of trauma recovery through her work. She is a contributor for NPR, The Washington Post, Reuters, The New York Times, and CNN.