Is We, Women open to men?

We, Women is open to women, transgender, and non-binary photo-based artists. Trans men are eligible to apply.

Is We, Women only open to U.S. residents and citizens?

No. The grant is open to any photographer, regardless of nationality or residency. However, we are looking to support projects where the artist has a connection to the project location since community engagement and collaboration are key elements. The project location must be in the United States, D.C., or Puerto Rico.

Which states are not eligible to apply for We, Women?

We, Women projects by our founding artists are already underway in New York, California, Illinois, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Project proposals in these states are not eligible for We, Women at this moment.

Are projects that focus on multiple U.S. states eligible? What if one or more of those states overlaps with the states where you already have projects? What about projects that encompass tribal lands that might not fit within state boundaries?

You may be working on a larger project that involves other states -- including the states that are not eligible for funding. For your grant request to We, Women, however, the funding/community engagement/public presentation you propose should support activities in one state location. Possible exceptions include the D.C. metropolitan area, which includes parts of Virginia and Maryland.

We also recognize that the geography of tribal land does not necessarily correspond to state boundaries and encourage applications that cover tribal land. For We, Women we suggest you target the funding request to a specific location in a state where we do not already have a project, even if the tribal land cover multiple states.

Do artists need to be living in the state where the project will occur? Is it enough to be working there/have connections there but not living there?

You can apply for a project in a state different from the one in which you currently reside. However, it’s  important to demonstrate a connection to the state/community in which you plan to work. Travel can be added to the budget but grants will not be awarded in cases where most of the expenses are for travel.

Are video or film projects eligible for We, Women?

Yes. Video and film can be part of your proposal so long as photography and community engagement are central components.

Can my project goal be raising money for a non-profit organization?

No. Projects that are primarily fundraising vehicles for non-profits are not eligible for We, Women.  

Does a proposed topic need to relate to the entire state or can it be hyper local?

The issue you propose can have local importance and does not need to be important or relevant across the entire state. That being said, we are looking for topics that have resonance across the country.

Will We, Women have an international component/counterpart? Can I propose a project in a country outside the United States?

No. At this point, We, Women is solely focused on storytelling in the United States.

Are projects that are not based in one location and live only in a digital realm eligible?

For We, Women, there needs to be a specific connection to one state-based location. In addition, collaboration and community engagement within the state where the project takes place are central elements of We, Women. So, a project that lives only in a digital realm would not be considered.



Is there a fee to apply for We, Women?

No. There is no fee to apply or to participate in We, Women.

Are applications rolling and can I submit anytime before June 30th?

Yes. You can apply up until the deadline, which is June 30th at midnight EST.
[NOTE: The deadline has been extended until July 5th at midnight.]

Can I include travel and an artist stipend in my budget?

Yes. These are allowable expenses so long as they are not the majority of the total budget. We, Women will not award grants where the majority of funds are for travel expenses or for a stipend for the artist.

Can I submit the captions as a separate document?

Yes, you can submit a PDF with your captions. Please be sure that the images are numbered and that they match the numbers on the captions.

Is there a specific image size or limitation for the application?

Low-res images are acceptable as long as the image is readable. There is no need to send hi-res image files.

For the timeline, what is the term of the grant?

The term of the grant will be September 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020. Your project, however, can start later than September 1, 2019 and end earlier than December 31, 2020.

How do I share a video with my application?

If you have video samples, please include a link in your application.


Will all artists get $10K?

No. Grants will range from $5,000-$10,000. The amount of the grant will be determined based on the scale of the project and the proposed budget.

When will I be notified about the grant?

Selection takes place in August and you will be notified before the end of that month.

Has the We, Women grant been offered before and, if so, are there past supported projects I can look at as examples?

We, Women is a new project and this is the first open call for artists. Six artists were invited to join and are already part of We, Women. Please look at their projects as an example.


Who is funding We, Women?

We currently have funding from the Open Society Foundations, United Photo Industries, and individual donors that supports the grants we will provide We, Women artists. Concurrently, we are actively fundraising. In addition to seeking foundation and corporate support, we will embark on a Kickstarter campaign in the fall to support the traveling exhibition and to strengthen the We, Women platform across the country through the development of educational curricula, public programming, and national media exposure.  

Will the We, Women grant be offered annually? 

We are launching We, Women with funding for up to 20 projects. We hope to expand to cover all 50 states plus Puerto Rico but that is contingent on future funding.